Incentive for the Scientific use of Images from the Spot system

The ISIS Programme has been started in 2000 to facilitate access to the Spot infrastructure by providing SPOT images (1-5) and Pleiades images.

This programme is accessible to french researchers and students working in a laboratory or an institute of higher education of the European Union. The project must be dedicated to research activities or demonstrating activities.

The data SPOT 1-5 are available for free to non-french european users. The Pleiades data are available at a preferential price for non-french european users.

Spot World Heritage objective is the free availability for non-commercial use of SPOT 1-5 images. Nearly 30 million images have been acquired by this satellite family since 1986, this archive may be considered as a world heritage, whose access will be facilitated through SWH. This programme has been started in 2005 by the CNES and Airbus Defence and Space (ADS) and the processing of archives is still in progress. As a consequence, ISIS products are now restricted to Spot Scenes, and the whole set of SPOT 1-5 will be available with SWH.

Access to Pleiades data for french researchers and students (archive and programming request) and access to Spot 1-5 unavailable in SWH ( for other users must be done using by the following URLs: for Pleiades and for SPOT. Non-french researchers and students have to contact to submit a project.

The CNES review the ISIS projects giving the informations provided when submitting. As soon as the projects are accepted by the CNES, projects are transmitted to ADS for treatment of programmation request, archive processing and products delivery.

The potential use of Pleiades and SPOT 1-5 data distributed by ISIS are limited to research projects and non-profit usage. Commercial usage is not allowed. To get more details see eligibility conditions.

Before submitting an ISIS project, read the process page to prepare all the inputs.

Results of the ISIS projects must be send to the ISIS website. Some of the reports can be downloaded on the ISIS website.

For all questions contact :

Warning: Since march 2015, it is not possible to order new SPOT5 acquisitions. SPOT 5 archives are still available.